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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Trying out something different today, organic gluten-free cereal! (if this idea is unsuccessful, expect less of these type of posts! :P)

I hate when cereal boxes show you one thing, and then you see another:

Nature's Path Crunchy Vanilla Sunrise Cereal

I love Nature's Path, however with this cereal I am not disappointed, but I am not impressed either.

First off, if you take a look at the pictures, you see will see a good mix of Corn, Rice, Flax, Quinoa, Buckwheat & Amaranth. However, it appears that when Nature's Path change the look on their boxes, they also change their formula. Mines was about 70% cornmeal, 30% everything else.

Because mines was 70% cornmeal, the cereal DID taste like vanilla but it had a cornmeal aftertaste. If you take a long time with your cereal, slowly the vanilla transfers onto the milk, and the cereal mostly take like cornmeal.

Now if you like the taste of corn, that's fine. But I was expecting more flavors particularly the flax and amaranth, but those flavors were lost in the mix.

This product IS however 100% organic except for natural vanilla flavor, sea salt, and tocopherols (natural vitamin E). Compare to other cereals, it is low in calories (110), contains no cholesterol, and is high in fiber (12% of your daily values). However, because it is organic with very little added to it, it is low in nutrition compare to other non-organic cereals such as special K. It only has 4% iron (surprisingly, Vitamin E is not listed as a nutrition even though it is listed as an ingredient).

Other pros of the cereal is that it contains 0.15g of Omega 3 per serving, which is 11% of the recommended daily value of 1.3g

It is also gluten-free for those who can't consume gluten as well as certified USDA organic. My cereal box expired Nov 02 2012.

The box says that Nature's Path change their boxes by making their packages smaller to reduce 10% of their impact on the planet by saving on water, energy and paperboard. However, I am also 100% convinced that their also change their formula to include more of the cheaper cornmeal and include less of the more expensive ingredients.

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