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Friday, May 4, 2012

I have always loved to be makeup free but when I look at pictures like this one here:

it makes me realize how powerful makeup is! Don't think of makeup as something you have to do to make yourself feel accepted by others; Always see makeup as a optional highlight of you. Makeup can light you on a bad day, and let others see you, and not your acne.

When I informed her how gorgeous she was and how she perfected her look, she responded with:

So kind of you to say!
My foundation is probably the most important thing here. I mix two dior foundations, sculpt and forever. I find sculpt too thick but I find forever doesn't give me enough coverage so I mix the two equally. It gives me great coverage without feeling heavy and it means I dont need to use concealor!
My Bronzer is Benefit Hoola. Its really light which means I can build it up depending on how tan I want to be but generally I only use a little to give me a bit of a glow.
My lips are just vaseline with a little bit of sleek lipliner to add colour.
Mascara is cover girl lash blast and my eye liner is liquid and pencil. The liquid is a brand we have here in Ireland that costs £2! The pencil is Urban Decay.
Hope this helped but I think foundation is the most important :)

and there you go! :)

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