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Thursday, May 10, 2012


I received this as a deluxe sample that came when I spent $60 dollars on a recent order with Urban Decay. It is Urban Decay Supercurl Curling Mascara!

This is the bottle without the box:

the wand, notice how it curls imitating the shape of a natural eyelash (you can see all the individual pointy black fibers):

Before and After:

as you can see I have been blessed with a lot of lashes. I only did my top lashes because I wanted my bottom lash to stay the same from comparison reasons.

more before and after:
<-- as you can see my top lashes has some missing lashes in between from removing fake eyelashes improperly
<- the mascara even out my lashes somewhat "filling in" the missing section, it also SIGNIFICANTLY darkens the lashes, appearing to be more.

Coats: 2

PRO: It darkens and makes eyelashes longer.

CONS: does it curl? just slightly. You see because the wand has a outward curve shape, if you put it exactly on your eyelash, your eyelash will curl slightly.

If you have straight eyelashes, you will still need an eyelash curler.

Clumps: unfortunately Yes, I had to remove a clump from my eyelash even though the mascara is brand new. You will get clumps if you apply more than 2 coats. However, I feel the clumps would not warrant returning the product.

It does what it does, I just wish it had less clumps!

You can buy this product at Amazon, Urban Decay and Sephora. Please click on the image below for more details.

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