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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Website Description:
Never before has the color of the new Dior Vernis displayed such lacquered and vibrant shine! A cocktail of Shine and Sparkle Amplifying active ingredients directs pigments and pearly particles to enhance light reflection tenfold. Once again, the array of enchanting shades created by Tyen reflect the spirit of Dior fashion shows. 

Application is even easier with the new brush. Dior Vernis also features a new chip-resistant formula that protects and embellishes the nails, day after day.

saw this at the store:

I found the handle to be poor (too short, doesn't distribute the coats well)

it also takes FOREVER to dry, I ended up smudging! :(

However, it is VERY chip resistant.

After 4 days (the background you see is Fashion Star for H&M Episode 9 dress):

Pro: Very Chip-resistant.
Con: Brush sucks, hard to distribute even coats.

Rating: B- (too expensive for what you get)

Honestly, for the price of the nail polish, I expected better when it comes to the brush. Stick with Opi instead.

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