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Friday, June 1, 2012

Product: MAC Lipglass
Color: Pink Nouveau

The product:
MAC lipglass Pink Nouveau packaging & lipgloss

The brush:
MAC lipglass Pink Nouveau handle

MAC lipglass Pink Nouveau Swatch

Before & After (Natural Lighting):
MAC lipglass Pink Nouveau Before
MAC lipglass Pink Nouveau After

With Flash:
MAC lipglass Pink Nouveau

Diffused Flash:
MAC lipgloss Pink Nouveau


MILKY!  Its hard to make it even when its all milky. It is very gooey, sticky and thick, which is what MAC lipglasses are known for.
I saw a lot of pictures of this color on the internet but I have found that most pictures layer the lipglass with Pink Nouveau lipstick, which is how you get that intense pink.
Pink Nouveau is described as “mid-tone cool pink” (slightly lightened medium bubblegum pink with cool, blue undertones) and its is part of the Latin America/Middle East region of the collection. Its funny because I am part of this demographic, and I would have never considered Pink Nouveau before for purchasing.

Because of MAC cosmetics popularity, there are a lot of fakes out there. MAC liglasses should smell like Vanilla but with no taste. The same with MAC lipsticks.

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