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Sunday, May 6, 2012

I'm an idiot. Today I got Nails Inc Kensington Palace Magnetic Polish. It is a metallic raspberry color.

The bottle looks like this (click on picture if you want to see more colors from the line):

I applied two coats and was expecting the magic to happen, UNTIL I read that there is magnet on the top part of the handle. You have to hover the magnetic handle for the nail polish to move. Ooops! Oh well. Without the magnetic polish, it is a pretty color.

This is my thumb btw!

This is how your results SHOULD look like if you master the technique:

The directions say:
To create the "magnetic effect," apply a generous coat of magnetic polish to one nail, and immediately hold the cap that contains the magnet over the nail. (Do this quickly while the polish is still wet. There is a small lip on the cap which should be placed just below your cuticle allowing the magnet to be positioned perfectly over your nail.) Hold very close to the nail for 10-15 seconds, taking care not to touch the nail with the magnet. -Repeat on all 10 nails and apply a top coat to seal the design.

So, you have to paint each nail one by one and apply the magnet while each nail is wet.

Someone told me that:

I also have been having the issue of before I can get the magnet over the tip of my nail that it has set already (very fast) and the magnet doesnt work for touch ups- you have to redo your entire nail.

oh well, next time! :)

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