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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sephora by Opi has a shade called "Havana Dreams" which is a dupe for Chanel "Riva" shade.  This is a sheer pale sky blue, very streaky and difficult to apply, but if you have the time (and patience), it makes for a great manicure.


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This shade is a dupe for the Chanel "Riva" nailpolish. 


Havana Dreams is a sky blue, and the actual shade most resembles the first and last photo. I notice that in very intense lighting (for example if you are at the beach), the shade will shine just ever so slightly aquamarine. At first I thought this was something my camera was capturing that wasn't really there, until this morning when under a light lamp, I notice the aquamarine in this sky blue shade. If you are never in a extreme lighting situation, then this shade will always be perfectly sky blue. (the fist and last photo are PERFECT examples of what this shade is 99% of the time).

To be quite honest, I love the shade, but I hate the formula. It is milky and not in a good way. It is so milky that it is streaky like no tomorrow and because it is so streaky, it takes FOREVER to get a good even coat throughout the nail. That's why you will see the streaks. Its almost impossible not to have streaks without doing 3 coats. 3 coats is excessive because the more coats you go through, the faster you are going to go through the nail polish. The consistency is watery, Sephora calls it "sheer" but there are similar colors out there, so unless you really LOVE the shade, you should probably PASS on this shade.


C+ (the + is added simply because I love the blue)


Disclosure: I bought Sephora by Opi in "Havana Dreams".

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