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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hello Everyone! I am going to do my very first real food post to see if I like food blogging. You all can be honest and tell me if it sucks or not.

I dropped my camera so excuse the iphone quality photos ^^;

The Soup is a Liar

Don't you just hate it when a soup taste delicious only to realize its so bad for you when you look at the nutritional content?

This soup is delicious, I love the taste of spices mix with tomato and cheese, like gouda (which I don't know how to pronounce, is it GOOD-da, or GOI-da or gow-DA?). But I HATE deceptive nutrition practices. Please don't give me "Serving Cup: 1 cup", when the entire soup is 2 cups and the whole world knows you will eat this entire soup in one setting.

Because the nutrition guide is deceptive, we have to double up all the numbers because you WILL eat this in one setting. When we double for the truth, this soup will take 90% of your saturated fat, 40% of your cholesterol, and 66% of your sodium intakes for the entire day. Those numbers are crazy high, I was thirsty for water after I finish the video below due to the very high salt content.

But lies taste good

Lady, you're mouth is open. Is your mouth open because you really want this soup or is your mouth open because you're so surprised over how bad for you this soup is?

Video Review

The answer is both. And yes, I ate the entire bowl and enjoyed every moment.


Disclosure: Got this at Amazon. It should be available in most groceries stores.

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