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Friday, May 31, 2013

Heard about Rent the Runway? Why not Rent the Nailpolish. There is a monthly nailpolish box still in beta stage called Lacquerous. The premise of Lacquerous is to rent 3 high end nail polishes for about $18. The price tag of $18 might increase or decrease once Lacquerous is out of the beta stage but that is the current price.

Rent you say?

Yes. You pick from a few selections and they sent you three. The bottles can be previously used or new. You promise to apply the nailpolishes a total of 3 applications maximum, and then you return the nail polishes in 30 days.

The brands are:

Channel, Dior, Tom Ford, Dolce & Gabbana, MAC, Deborah Lippmann, Nars & Butter London

Should you get this?

Now with Julep, I get 3 nail polishes for roughly the same price (Julep is a little bit higher with $19.99), and with these nailpolishes, I get to keep them, even gift them to a friend by imputing their home address. If you REALLY love high end nail polish, or one to try a month so you can see what they are like, then this is a good program for you. High end nail polishes' formulas tend to be superior and more chip resistant. For 30 days, you get to try 3 nailpolishes up to 3 times. This gives you a week and 3 days to wear each manicure. That's pretty of time to wear 1 nail polish 1 time, with touchups on the 5/6th day so that it lasts a little longer, or you can simply just reapply and start over.

Here's how Lacquerous describes their site:


Request an invite to join the Lacquerous Community and share luxury lacquer with other members.


Log in and pick your favorites to add to your Lust List. Pick from this season's hottest colors and brands. Your choices will help inform us of your tastes.


For only $18/month (less than the price of one luxury lacquer) you will receive your selection of THREE designer lacquers available at Lacquerous. Take them to the salon or use them at home. Snap a pic & share it with your friends (and us!).


Your box of 3 lacquers will be sent to you with pre-paid return packaging. Remember: treat your nail polish as you would want to receive it. Keep other Lacquerous members in mind. Once we receive your return package, we will ship you a new selection. Easy!

From Lacquerous's FAQ:

What is Lacquerous?
Lacquerous is the first online nail polish sharing service for luxury nail lacquer. It is free to request membership.
Is the nail polish new?
Lacquerous works like a nail polish club. Nail polish is reused similar to the way polish is reused at a salon or at a department store. Therefore it can be either a new bottle or a used one (we'll never send you anything that is less than half-full). After the nail polish is returned it is inspected (for quality and cleanliness) and sent to another member.
Is it unhygienic to reuse nail polish?
Due to the cocktail of chemicals found in nail polish, no bacteria, fungus or any living microorganisms can survive in it. In fact, it dies within minutes. According to scientific research (and our friendly microbiologist), "The cocktail of ingredients in nail polish is really tough to be resisted by microorganisms including bacteria or fungi. Ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, toluene, isopropyl alcohol, tosylamide/formaldehyde are organic solvents and in combination they are the toughest to be resisted or tolerated by microorganisms. Therefore nail polish is safe to share." Lacquerous inspects all nail polish for cleanliness and quality. Nail polishes are sealed for at least 2-3 days in transit and brushes are cleaned upon return. If you would like to read more information on the science of sharing nail polish, please click here
How many times can I use the nail polish?
You can use it on yourself for up to approx. three applications throughout the month. Why three, you ask? While testing we found most women - when presented with three color options in a 30-day period - used the lacquer twice (at the most). Lacquerous also monitors the amount of nail lacquer in each bottle to ensure there is no abuse of club policies. We trust our members to abide by our guidelines but they are just that - guidelines. We want you to enjoy your lacquer.
Can I cancel my subscription at anytime?
Yes. You can cancel at anytime and return the lacquer after the 30-day period.
What happens if I keep my shade for longer than 30 days?
Delays happen and life gets busy. We understand reasonable delays. However, please notify Lacquerous immediately otherwise you may be charged the cost of the nail polish and return shipping after the 35-40 day period.
What if I ship it back before 30 days?
You're definitely a nail addict like us! Your next package will be shipped out after 30 days from original ship dat
Why is my bottle half full?
Lacquerous is a nail polish sharing service. Other Lacquerous members have used the polish. We will never send a bottle that isn't Instagram worthy! If there is something not right about the polish, please alert us immediately.

Membership is free but its still at beta stage so they are only allowing in a certain amount of members in at a time. I requested an invite to try out the program, but at time of writing, am not a member.

If you are a member, tell us what you think about the service below!


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