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Monday, June 3, 2013

Lela Rose has teamed up with Beauty.com to create a Lela Rose Designer Bag filled with samples which is given to all customers free of charge with a $125 purchase.

This is the bag being offered:

and this is the bag that I received with my purchase of items:

Bag Review

The bag is true to what I expected it to be. There is a small zipper pouch in the front to put your cards in and your items inside are secured by both a zipper and a magnetic closure.

The samples advertise were:

it included a $10 off $40 coupon (its advertise as a gift card, but gift cards don't require a minimum value, this its a coupon) and a FULL SIZE Stila product.

Here is the list for all the samples:


Should you get this?

If you are already planning on making a purchase, YES. Especially if you were planning on buying either butter london, urban decay, or any other brand with another company like Sephora. Sephora has a beauty insider program, were $1 equals $1 point. You can get a deluxe sample for 100 points (or $100), but the deluxe sample is ONE item. These are VARIOUS items, including a full size Stila product. There is more stuff here than Sephora's 500 gift points items (which is usually 3 deluxe samples from 1 brand). The bag is great for holding makeup, if only it had straps so it could double up as a purse.

The previous Gifts with purchases bags from Beauty.com required only $100 (a $25 increase), and previous bags included a blue Richard Chai Bag and a mixed orange Lela Rose Spring Beauty Bag.


Disclosure: I made a $125 order purchase to receive this bag. It was not given to me for free by Beauty.com

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