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Friday, April 26, 2013

Klepto is described as a "classic totally turquoise" by Sephora X, and on my accent nail is Ciate's Enchanted Castle which I can not find any information on.

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SEPHORA X The New Classics Klepto Review

Sephora's product description:
 Rich shades that revolutionize your signature favorites with brilliant shine and bold color. Your favorite classics just got a modern redo. From vibrant reds to bright teals, these are the new go tos.

A high shine cream finish combines with full coverage to deliver rich coverage and intense shine. And you can forget chipping and fadingThe New Classics have got you covered. A patented formula offers invincibly long wear with anti chip technology that is resistant to both water and detergent.

My Review:
This shade is pretty and extremely OPAQUE. You only need .5 to 1 coat to cover evenly your nail. It lasts about as long as most OPI nail polishes formula. You need the base coat and top coat to really get it to last. It is a pretty standard turquoise. It is very bright and bold.

Ciate Enchanted Castle Review

Enchanted Castle is the "blue version" of Enchanted Rose. But get this, I am having a hard time finding Ciate's Enchanted Castle online. It is NOT listed on their website nor on the Sephora's website, but I sampled it from the Sephora's Times Square location. It is not even acknowledge ANYWHERE as a real shade of Ciate. At this point I am convinced that this shade is market research. They put one or two bottles of a shade that's is not in the market yet, and see if enough people buy it, and if they do, they go along with the shade. However, I think Ciate scrapped this shade in favor of Enchanted Rose which is just the red version of this nail polish.

Here is the bottle:

It exist. It has the black bow. But the UPC 5060132136461 list nothing any UPC Database that I have search. It scans at Sephora Times Square, but its not listed on their website. I'm sorry for my crappy cell phone quality camera. I will take a better shot on Monday since I am going to be gone all weekend. how weird is that? Is this a very old bottle or a scrapped bottle or a research bottle? I really don't know. Its either the 2nd or 3rd because at least with old bottles, you can find them online...


Disclosure: I bought Klepto, I sampled in stores Ciate.

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