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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dita Von Teese is adamant that anyone can perfect a flawless beauty look if they practice “everyday".

The burlesque star is famed for her classic beauty look, and is never seen without a perfect crimson pout and a slick of black eyeliner.

Dita denied she has a very involved beauty routine and says it has become quite simple for her to create her iconic appearance.

"On a normal day, I get up and I do Pilates first thing in the morning. I splash my face with water, put on some sunscreen, a little bit of powder, lipstick and sunglasses," she revealed to Refinery 29. "The key to my success is everyday practice - I can put on my red lips on in under a minute - consistency, and being devoted to certain things that make me feel good about myself. A lot of people think I have a high-maintenance look, but that's not my everyday thing. I don't wear my full drag every day."

Dita isn't fussy about her skincare and will use cheaper beauty brands if they work for her. She is always on the lookout for new effective products, and is more than happy to stray from her usual creams if they take her fancy.

"I'm always looking for things that are going to shorten my get-ready time. I've heard a lot about BB Creams lately, and I have one I love called Miracle Skin Transformer. I'm also excited by L'Oréal's new Miracle Blur,” she explained. "I use a retinol at night before bed a couple times a week with a moisturiser, but I flirt with a lot of different brands."

Dita says a signature red lip is her beauty must. She insists there are many options available for those who are might be afraid to wear the shade.

"For lips, I don't wear beige - I feel naked without colour. I feel like I look dead. I wear orange in the summer, or dark pink a lot. I like something that looks like there are rose petals on my lips," Dita revealed.

"There's more than just one type of red. I've done fuchsia, bright orange, burgundy red and a blue red. People think a vibrant lip colour has to be red, but it can be anything just as long as it's vibrant. It's still elegant and impactful [even if it's not red]."



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