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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Butter London (3 Free Nail Lacquer)
Size: 0.4 oz 
Color: Slapper (truly teal)
Average Price at Launch: $14 in USA, $17 in Canada 

Swatch/Pictures Gallery

Butter London: Slapper Nail Polish
normal lighting
Butter London: Slapper Nail Polish
Poor Lighting (No Flash)
Butter London: Slapper Nail Polish
with flash
Butter London: Slapper Nail Polish
with flash
Butter London: Slapper Nail Polish
Normal Lighting, Closeup


Official Color Description from Butter London:
A truly teal nail lacquer, bold and very bright.

On Color: This is a true man's teal. A lovely color, shining off both blue and green like the sea. I applied 2 uneven coats because I suck and this shade tolerated my mistakes well. For the veterans, you might get it opaque on 1 thick coat (and I envy you!).

This shade gets more blue and less green the less lighting there is. In the bright sun, its a perfect mix of blue and green.

On Wear-a-bility: Be sure to wear a base color! This color will add a slight bluish stain to your nails if worn longer than 1 week without a base coat. My sister complain that it also stain her skin, but it did not stain mines.

Overall: This shade leans more on blue than green but it compliments all skin tones really well (especially  warm and medium complexions)

Sonia Kashuk in Making Waves (a bit brighter than Slapper)
Milani Fresh Teal (more blue than Slapper)

You can purchase this shade at Amazon, Sephora, and Butter London's website.

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