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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Vice straight out of the package
All the eye shadows and the duel ended brush

Desperation, Muse, Junkie, Chaos

Jagged, Blitz, Occupy, Unhinged

Blitz, Penny Lane, Unhinged, Black Market
Provocateur, Rupture, Nevermind, Echo Beach

Vice, Noise, Anonymous, Freebird

Noise, Armor, Freebird, & Laced

Website Description & Review from Website:

Twenty never-before-seen shades in one insanely gorgeous palette! Shadow junkies, prepare to get addicted.

Desperation – This color reminds me of two of my favorites, Mushroom and Stray dog. It is a silvery gray taupe that has a iridescent sheen.
Muse – A close cousin to Darkhorse, Deeper, and M.I.A but I like it better. It looks like all three were layered and a pinky red undertone was added with just a touch of sparkle.
Jagged – Sorry, but I think this is Cobra with bigger sparkle.
Blitz – I can’t match to anything I already own by UD! It’s as if Half Baked and Eldorado had a baby. Love it!
Penny Lane – Light peach/orange version of Half Baked. Looks like it would be great on the inner corner, definitely more wearable to work.
Junkie – What?! This color is amazing! Looks like an emerald green with gold sparkle but when swatched it is a green/teal with a silver sheen. LOVE! More green than Deep End.
Chaos – Although this is the one color I was excited to try, next to Junkie, I am kind of disappointed. It looks electric blue in the pan but swatches chalky and closer to a light midnight blue in tone.
Occupy – I can’t match this one but it’s as is the crossed Gunmetal and Ace. Maybe? Silvery dark gray with silver sparkle.
Unhinged – Looks like Hijack? Deep End? Nope! So much better. A blue/teal/aquamarine with a pretty sheen. Love! However it does remind me of a green Flipside.
Black Market – Black Dog with a slight sheen?
Provocateur – Lighter than Bordello, much deeper than Midnight 15. A pinky lavender with silver sheen and bits of silver sparkle. Pretty!
Rapture – The pan is deceiving!! What a beautiful color!! Medium purple with sheen, no sparkle! I compared it to Gravity, Omen, AC/DC, Grifter, Ecstacy, Midnight Rodeo, Jet, and Psychedelic Sister. None of them come close! I like Rapture much better!
Vice – Sooo pretty in the pan! Kind of chalky and clumpy when swatched but I still love it! Compared to the same purples as in Rapture and doesn’t match any of them. I layered Gravity, Psychedelic Sister, and AC/DC but the tone was still different. Half Truth is nowhere near this color.
Noise – Wood stock with a little taste of Junkshow.
Armor – Looks like a mixture of Tease and Pistol. LOVE IT!!
Nevermind – Not as purple as Bust. More silver taupe than Stray Dog. Not as bright as Verve.
Echo Beach – Reminds me of Verve with a touch of Sin.
Anonymous – it’s matte!! Yay!! Peach version of Walk of Shame? I think?
Freebird – Silver pink with little specs of silver sparkle. Reminds me of a deeper pink version of Sin.
Laced – What a beautiful crease color for lighter skin tones! It is in the same family as Tease and Naked but is pinker and lighter. LOVE!! Oh, and it’s matte too!!

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