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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Do you always manage to get your nailpolish everywhere?
I made a little how to on how I clean up my nails....

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1. Apply Your Nailpolish. Wait until the edges are semi-dry.
2. Take a toothpick and start to peel the dry nailpolish paint, starting on one edge.
3. Work all the way around. Its better when the paint is dryer and not fresher, as it is easier to peel. You may dip your toothpick in nailpolish remover for all stubborn areas.
4. Apply hand cream to the areas you peeled off. You want your skin to stay moisturized
5. Enjoy your gorgeous looking hands!

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  1. Great tip! My go-to post-manicure cleanup is going around the edges and creating a perfect curve around the cuticles using an eyebrow pencil (slanted) and nailpolish remover. Great results every time.