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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Product: Benefit Cosmetics Lip Plump

This creamy, neutral-tone primer fills in lines & builds up the contour of your lips while helping lipstick stay put longer. (2.5 g Net wt. 0.09 oz)

Apply two dots on upper & lower lips. Pat & blend. Let dry then apply lipstick. Va va voom!

Brush Handle:


Lips before hand (I am bottom lip heavy):


After initial application:

After 1 full minute:

Before & After (nothing where the 'plumpness' occurred:



This products works by 'stinging' where you placed the four dots. I did not place the two dots on my top lip on the exact same area (one is higher than the other), and you can sorta see it after a full minute. It has a drying effect, and you will look ghastly after application. Fortunately, because this product is a primer, it means your lipstick & lipglosses will last longer. The primer gave me about a hour longer coverage for my lips (I love to constantly eat and drink water!). It did fill in the lines where the four dots where placed, but did not fill the lines where it was patted to.

  • Extremely drying (needed to lick my lips a lot)
  • Plumping effect is very subtle but noticeable on top lip. No effect on bottom lip.
  • Swelling goes down to normal in a short amount of time.
  • Makes lipstick and lip glosses last longer.
  • while subtle, it does swell just a bit!
  • if your lips are highly pigmented, this "neutralizes" your lips

If your lips are highly pigmented and tent to darken lipstick shades (i.e. colors always look darker on you), this primer will help bring out the "true color" of your lipstick.

I would think of this product as a primer for your lips with the benefit of slightly bigger lips as opposed to a Lip Plump that is also a primer.

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